<p style="text-align: center;">ABOUT US

Our journey began in 2014 when we established our firearms training company, Valhalla Training Academy. Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian training have been a great success for VTA, and we are very grateful for that success. Many of the students/clients that were participating in the courses requested the option of being able to purchase their ammunition and firearms they planned to use in the course from our company, which in result, led to us opening our retail gun store SHOOTERS VALHALLA. The team behind the store is made of friends and family made through our training academy and also our charity 2nd Hooah GA. We are excited for this journey and hope to bring to Columbus a great firearms store that customers feel comfortable at and are treated with the best service. We now have Valhalla Training Academy, Shooters Valhalla LLC, and are working on our Range to open by the end of 2016.